The nature of any business transaction involve the buyer and the seller. The buyer always feels that it's the obligation if the seller to treat him well without reciprocating since he is using their money. However, as sad as it may sound, business transaction is a two-way traffic and therefore both the buyer and the seller must out their pride aside if they want to conduct business in a smooth way without much misunderstanding. In some occasions, the buyer and the seller can disagree. However, what keeps business going is not the heated exchange these two parties involve themselves in but the ability to solve the problem cordially and even ask for forgiveness from each other. In order to achieve the perfect customer experience, the parties involved ought to know the following.


 The user experience consulting must acknowledge the fact that it is the customer whose money keeps him going. Minus customers, you don't have business. Therefore, when dealing with customer, it is required that you be patient, respectful to them. Some customers can be stubborn and annoying at the same time, but remember its your business we are talking about. If you answer them in a rude way, chances are they will share their disappointments with their colleagues and therefore you stand a chance of lose at long last. It doesn't hurt to fake smile, just for the sake of your business.


You also need to treat your employees with decorum. Don't be a quarreling boss all the time. Make them feel wanted. You may decide to take them out at times, us to break monotony and to increase the rapport between you and them. How you treat your employees will determine how your customers will be treated. An annoyed employee won't care how they deal with your customers. Take it upon yourself and create a lovely environment for your employees. To learn more tips on how to achieve the best customer experience, visit


Put yourself in the customers' shoes. Ask yourself how bad you'll feel when somebody treats you badly just because he's the owner of the business. Also ask yourself how nice it feels when you are treated with decorum. It is through asking yourself such questions that you will know how will you are supposed to treat your employees. The ease with which you will conduct your business depends on how well or bad you treat your customers.



You must be able to own up to your mistakes. Don't try looking for a scapegoat any time you or your company commits a mistake. Owning up mistakes might convert a loss into a win because through it the customers will share among themselves how you are easy to deal with. This will result into your business making more profit than you ever imagined, what is virtual reality